About Me



Hello, my name is Connor Bryant, and I’m a professional photographer who specializes in teaching skills to other photographers. No matter how long you’ve been into photography, there is likely much you can still learn. Not only do I teach photography, but I’m very active in the photography world myself. I have been published by many clients, such as Outside Magazine, Discovery Channel Publications, General Dynamics, The New York Times, and more. I have also assisted in writing how to books on photography throughout my career.

One of my favorite ways to teach photography is side-by-side with my students. I invite them to come along with me on a scheduled shoot and shoot right beside me. We then spend time back in the office looking at the shots we took, discuss how we can improve them next time, then go over editing.

With this blog, my goal is to provide inspiration and insight to other photographers. I hope to be able to help them grow in their own creativity, knowledge, and techniques. I also want the site to be a useful resource that photographers of all skill levels can learn from. I will be discussing many different ideas and techniques that I use myself to help you become a better photographer. I hope you will follow along and be inspired by what you read.